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A deep Christian school experience is our fundamental commitment at PCA, so that each and every day your child, even your family, is immersed in sound Biblical teaching, mentoring and dynamic spiritual growth.

Our students study the Word, help each other grow and they put their faith into action through mission trips and meaningful service to the community while growing toward a faith that is truly their own for a lifetime.

Pantego Christian Academy was started in 1963 by Pantego Bible Church on a 7-acre site between Arlington and Pantego to fulfill the desire of some of the church members for a Christian kindergarten for their children.

Since that time, Pantego Christian Academy has established itself as a premier Christian private school. In 1997, the school became an independent school, purchasing the Pantego Bible Church facilities for its use while the church built facilities at a new location.

God’s leading has been evident from the first kindergarten classroom to becoming the college preparatory Christian school we are today. The legacy of Christian education from those early days is blessing a new generation today and preparing to bless future generations as His plan for His school continues to unfold.


Dr. Kathy Ferrell
Head of School