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How to Apply

1.  Getting Started

For most families, the application process begins with an introduction to our school.  Whether you heard about us from your friends or family, located us online, or simply drove by our campus, we recommend you begin by completing the Online Inquiry Form.  We will then schedule your own individual tour to learn more about PCA.  You can inquire online and obtain admissions information in one of the following ways:

  • Complete the Online Inquiry Form and request information
  • Apply Online 
  • Call the Admissions office at 817 460-3315 ext. 1207
  • Stop by the school to personally pick up a packet

2.  Submit Application

Your admissions file is opened once we receive your completed online application and application fee. This step is the most important step to enable the admissions process to move quickly.  If you have a need for Tuition Assistance, please read our information on Affording a PCA Education.

3.  Testing

Students applying to PCA are required to take an entrance test for grades 1-12 and a developmental readiness test for Kindergarten. Our Admissions Office will call you to set up the required testing.

4.  Admissions Review Committee

Our Admissions Review Committee will then review your application to ensure that the applicant has a strong chance for success at PCA prior to the final admissions interview. The review will typically occur within a week following completion of the prior steps.

5.  The Interview

Once the Admissions Review Committee has approved the application we will call you to schedule an interview with the Principal.  Both parents are encouraged to attend the interview along with students. The family interview is a vital part of our admissions process. The interview provides a time for us to get to know one another more personally and gives you another opportunity to ask questions.

6.  Registration

Once the interview is complete, we will prepare an enrollment agreement for your signature and welcome you the PCA Community!