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About Us » What is a Covenantal School?

What is a Covenantal School?

Christian family

Our Mission: Equipping servant leaders to honor Christ and impact the world. 

The Board of Trustees and Administration realize the importance of the personal profession and practice of Biblical Christian faith among those who make up the school family.

Pantego Christian Academy is a Covenantal School. On a practical level, that means our Board of Trustees has adopted the policy that at least one parent of each student must be a confessing believer in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior in order for their child to be enrolled at PCA. However, that PCA is a Covenantal School has many implications beyond that very basic statement. Chief among them is the understanding that the Bible establishes Christian education as a unique and necessary responsibility of Christian parents and not that of any church or school. The Bible clearly instructs parents to bring children up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord (Ephesians 6:4).

As a result, when parents send their children to school, they only delegate a portion of their Biblical responsibility for their child’s education. Therefore, a parents’ selection of who will teach their child should be more than a concern with academics since schools also teach values and lifestyles. A partnership between PCA and the family implies some degree of consistency among what is taught at PCA, what is taught in the family’s church, and what is practiced at home. Consistency (shared standards, beliefs and practices) among the family, the church and the school is an empowering factor in the life of a child. Therefore, it is critical that PCA families have regular Christian fellowship outside of school activities for support, encouragement and spiritual maturity. At PCA, we desire to teach and discipline in a manner that is consistent with the Bible, the church and a Godly home environment. This goal is only fulfilled through supporting parents who are already dedicated to similar goals in their home. This is the most important implication of PCA being a Covenantal School – a consistency in teaching and discipline with the family and church.

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