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Panther Life » Weather Related Closing Policy

Weather Related Closing Policy

We understand that our decision to open, delay or close the Academy in bad weather has a significant effect on our families. We also understand that our students are better served – both academically and socially – by being in school. However, our top priority remains the safety of our students. Below is the process we follow to make those decisions.

How Do We Make Our Decision?

Please understand that we make the decision to open, delay or close school in bad weather based on a careful analysis of all relevant factors, including the following:

  • Information on road conditions from weather reports and police. Even if your street looks clear, travel elsewhere in our area may be dangerous. Remember that many of our families travel long distances. Also, we must consider that some high school students drive to school.
  • Amount of snow and ice accumulated.
  • Whether precipitation is continuing.
  • Personal observation by administrators.
  • Weather predictions. We prefer not making our decision based primarily on weather predictions, which are not always accurate. But sometimes this is unavoidable.
  • What other schools are doing. However, PCA's decision to close or delay school may not necessarily follow other schools/districts actions.

How Are PCA Families Notified? 

Announcements will be made on the PCA website and social media. PCA will also notify WFAA-TV Channel 8, KTVT Channel 11, KXAS Channel 5, Fox Channel 4, WBAP 820 AM and KLTY 94.9 FM. Please do not call the school as it will be closed.

If the school closes or delays opening, all activities and programs affected are cancelled for that day.  If possible, we will attempt to reschedule.

Will We Close School If Weather Worsens? 

Sometimes the weather does worsen during the day. Though we cannot totally depend on news and weather reports, we do monitor them closely during bad weather while in school. If conditions worsen during the school day, we will have an early dismissal, but we will seek to give adequate notice to our parents by posting it on our website, social media, and contacting WFAA-TV Channel 8KXAS-TV Channel 5KTVT Channel 11WBAP  News/Talk 820 AM and KLTY 94.9 FM.

Although we do our best in this process, we know that often no perfect decision exists. If you do not feel as though it is safe for your child to attend school, use your best judgment on whether he or she should attend.

We hope this explanation helps everyone understand the process we use to make the best possible decision for all our families.