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Through the hands of the Christian teacher, walking in partnership with parents, the goal of Theatre Arts at Pantego Christian Academy is to provide an informative, inspiring and encouraging environment in which students will discover and develop God’s gifts. 


Theatre Arts is an elective for Middle and High School students.  The classes are performance-oriented.  Theatre students, along with other student volunteers, help with various PCA productions and chapel services. Students will learn how to:

  • Be more creative, to understand the creative functions of an actor, director and playwright and appreciate the essential collaborative relationship of the three.
  • Record blocking effectively (i.e., accurately, quickly, and legibly).
  • Build a character, move onstage in character and with confidence.
  • Understand and demonstrate motivation, enunciation, energy, rhythm, tempo, and pace.
  • Act, breathe, warm up, improvise, rehearse, audition, evaluate performances, perform, write a play, score a script, develop a character, direct a scene, and serve as stage crew, including props, lights, set design, make-up, and costumes.

Choir/Dance/Theatre Arts Teacher


Advanced Theatre Arts Teacher