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Learning Differences

In an ongoing effort to better assist our students, teachers, and families, PCA employs a learning specialist in the position of Learning Difference Coordinator for students in grades K-12 along with several teachers who are trained in working with students with learning differences and a Dyslexia Specialist for students in grades K-7. Our Academic Services and CIA instructors provide our students, faculty, and families with professional and proactive assistance.

Students who enroll in Academic Services or CIA will pay an additional fee for the services provided. Families with demonstrated financial need are encouraged to apply for tuition assistance to reduce or offset the cost of participating in the program.

In order to be enrolled students/families will need to take the following steps:

  1. Have recent diagnostic testing on file.
  2. Inform the appropriate Principal of their desire to have the class added to the student’s schedule.
  3. Sign the enrollment contract with Mrs. Palavicini in the Registrar’s office.

CIA - Creative Individual Academics

The Creative Individual Academics (CIA) program at Pantego Christian Academy offers multi-sensory, Orton-Gillingham based classes taught by a Dyslexia Specialist for students identified with dyslexia.  The structured Alphabetic Phonics curriculum is taught in an individual or small group setting.  Students build meaningful knowledge of the structure of the English language, build reading comprehension and fluency, and build vocabulary through the study of Greek combining forms and Latin roots.  The curriculum can be started as early as Kindergarten and is offered through the middle school grades.  A professional educational diagnostic evaluation is required for enrollment.  There is a separate additional tuition charged to participate in the CIA program.

Academic Services ( Learning Lab)

The Learning Difference Coordinator will assist in the following ways:

  • Facilitate Educational Assistance Plans for students enrolled in Academic Services
  • Assist students in achieving content mastery in their academic subjects
  • Uniquely encourage and assist students in managing their overall and individual coursework
  • Encourage students to develop, practice, and implement specific skills to assist them in their progression as learners
  • Come alongside students to reinforce subject matter, persist in areas of weakness, and utilize organizational and study skills to their advantage
  • Assist students, families, and teachers in utilizing assistive technology where appropriate to facilitate access to educational materials
  • Explaining directions for tests and assignments
  • Serve as a liaison between the student and the classroom teacher
  • Advise students on programs and opportunities for additional assistance
  • Monitor student’s academic progress
  • Come alongside students to develop study skills, time management, and organizational habits
  • Share resources and strategies for teachers to utilize in their classrooms
  • Communicate with the home and the school


Our goals for students enrolled in Academic Services include:

  • Provide classroom teachers with greater insight into the specific needs of individuals in the program
  • Provide students with a quiet small group learning environment to utilize for services approved in their learning plans such as extended time testing, oral test administration, and small group testing
  • Assist in specific accommodations specifically identified and approved in the student’s learning plan
  • Guide students to develop and utilize strategies to assist them individually as learners
  • Assist students in reviewing content, planning and completing long-term projects, accessing technology and other resources