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BirdwellLiz Birdwell
Middle School Principal

Liz Birdwell retired after 19 years with Duncanville I.S.D. serving as assistant principal, principal, director of curriculum and, finally, as Chief Academic Officer. 

 Prior to that, she worked as a teacher and instructional specialist during nine years with Fort Worth I.S.D.  Liz graduated from Texas Christian University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education with a minor in Speech/Communication. She later received a Master of Science degree in Educational Administration (with a Mid-Management Certification) from Texas Christian University. Liz and her husband wade have two children, 18 and 14 - Alexandra is a PCA graduate and Nicholas currently attends PCA. The family attends Pantego Bible Church, where Liz leads Bible studies.

MS science.

The Middle School program at PCA is designed to strike a balance between:

  • Security and Challenge
  • Individuality and Community
  • Support and Responsibility
  • Requirements and Opportunities

Middle School is the bridge that joins elementary and high school. Sixth, seventh and eighth graders are at a pivotal point in their lives, and indeed they are at the threshold of young adulthood. This transition requires an environment prepared not only to meet the challenges, but prepared to take advantage of the opportunities presented by this special time in a student’s life. The facilities, staff and programs of PCA have been put into place to do just that.

Ultimately, our goal is that we communicate the love of God to young teenagers in the context of an academic environment. We expect them to work hard, so we balance that expectation with the opportunity to play hard. We know that life will shortly pull at them from every direction, so we provide a “connectedness” for them that is rooted and grounded in Christ.

*All electives offered are subject to having enough participants to make a class. Additional offering may be available dependent on interest and staff availability.

6th Grade

  • Bible
  • Language Arts
  • Reading
  • Math 6 or Honors Math 6
  • Integrated Science
  • Social Studies
  • SST

7th Grade

  • Bible
  • Language Arts
  • Reading
  • Math 7 or Honors Math 7
  • Life Science
  • Texas History
  • Social Studies
  • SST

8th Grade

  • Bible
  • English 8
  • Reading
  • Math 8 or Algebra I
  • Integrated Physics & Chemistry
  • U.S. History to 1865
  • Social Studies
  • SST

Middle School Electives *

  • Study Hall
  • Conversational Spanish (grades 7 and 8 only)
  • Computer Applications
  • Band
  • Choir
  • Art
  • Theater Arts (grades 7 and 8 only)

7th and 8th Grade Athletics and Extracurricular Activities

  • Football
  • Volleyball (girls only)
  • Basketball
  • Dance
  • Cheerleading
  • Track
  • Cross-Country