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Spiritual Life

Because PCA believes that true college prep is more than just academics, we seek to prepare your child spiritually for college and life.  Since we are a Covenantal School, we do this in partnership with you and your church by providing spiritual training consistent with your family and your church. Through Bible classes, apologetics classes, chapels, small group and student-led Bible studies, we impart not only knowledge of the Bible, but wisdom on how to apply the principles of Scripture to their lives.  We also strongly believe that our students should understand their responsibility to, and develop a passion for, service and missions on a local and international level.

We strive to do all this by:

  • Integrating a Biblical worldview in every subject and activity at PCA.
  • Surrounding students with like-minded Christian friends and faculty while not isolating them from the world.
  • Providing Bible classes and weekly chapels for all students.
  • Offering a number of local service projects and mission opportunities.
  • Going on mission trips.  Each grade level of our high school goes on an annual mission trip with each trip introducing them to varying cultures and mission work.  The capstone trip is an international mission trip to Jamaica for seniors. This trip helps the students realize first-hand the abject needs in different parts of the world and how they, as individuals, can impact the world.
  • Taking the high school students on a retreat each fall.  Each year the senior class at PCA works together to sponsor the annual high school retreat, where all high school students get away to draw closer to God and closer to each other.



As part of our desire to challenge and encourage students to grow spiritually, we have five chapels each week at Pantego Christian Academy. We separate the students by grade level so we can tailor each chapel service to meet the age-appropriate spiritual needs of the students. On the Arlington campus we have the following chapels: K-2nd, 3rd-5th, 6th-8th, and 9th-12th.  On the Mansfield campus we have a combined chapel for the various grades each week.

The Millennial Student:  Their Need for a Christian Worldview


Moms In Prayer

Moms in Prayer has a long legacy of praying moms who have gathered weekly to pray for PCA students, staff, and school concerns. As part of Moms in Prayer International ministry, PCA has a group of moms that pray for our early childhood (ECA) and elementary as well as a group of moms that pray for our middle school and high school.  Moms meet on campus for one hour of focused prayer. Grandmas are welcome to join us also! Come as you are, bring a Bible, and experience the joy of making an eternal investment through prayer.


PCA Gives Back

PCA Gives Back is a day in which all PCA students, from early childhood to elementary to middle school to graduating seniors, give back to the greater Arlington community by performing acts of service throughout the area. PCA Gives Back is an idea hatched by a group of parents as they watched their sons play baseball.  They thought it would be a great idea for our school, which has been blessed so much, to give back to our community.  It has grown to become a beloved tradition for PCA to shine the light of Jesus in our corner of DFW.
In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.  (Matthew 5:16, ESV)


Student Leadership University

In the summer of 2016 Pantego Christian Academy entered into a partnership with Student Leadership University, the premier leadership training program for Christian students.  SLU's entire focus is to give Christian students the training and experiences that they need in order to be a difference-making leader throughout their lives.  Their main program for training and equipping is their SLU 101, 201, 301, and 401 courses which are offered each summer.  Incoming freshmen participate in SLU 101 in San Antonio, incoming sophomores participate in SLU 201 in Washington, DC, incoming juniors participate in SLU 301 in Europe, and incoming seniors participate in SLU 401 in the Holy Land.


Senior Blessings

One of the most significant blessings of being a part of Pantego Christian Academy is the Godly and caring staff that surround all of our students every day.  They pour out their lives day by day into the lives of the students, and God uses them to make an eternal impact. The video below is a recording of the individualized blessings and challenges that our secondary staff gave to the class of 2017 during their senior chapel.  Prepare to be touched as you watch it.