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Elementary Performing Arts

Elementary Performing Arts

The elementary music department covers basic theory: note naming, rhythm, pitch, and dynamics. We incorporate musical instruments into our curriculum including recorders, handbells, xylophones, boomwhackers (tuned tubes), and a wide variety of percussion instruments. The students learn to sing together in an ensemble, applying music theory to our songs to give our best in every rehearsal. We enjoy using movement in music as well, dance steps, sign language, and dramatic interpretation to our songs to keep our bodies moving and our minds engaged. We believe that lyrics set to song are powerful and we teach Bible verses and Scripture-based principles through the messages that we sing.

PCA students are blessed to enjoy praise and worship in our weekly chapel times as well as in our music classes twice a week. Several times a year, our students have the opportunity to share our musical talents in chapel, special musicals and our annual talent show.


Elementary Music Teacher
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