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Alumni Update

PCA is a special place, and no one knows this more than the people who once walked the halls, played on the fields, and wore the logo of the PCA panther head. You wrote your story at PCA, decided what your legacy would be, and how you wanted to be remembered. But that wasn’t the end to your story.

We know you have moved on to do great things and carve your place in the world, and the PCA Alumni Network wants to share in your triumphs as well as your failures. We want to be there to help you when you need a hand, tell you congratulations when you achieve your goals, show you a little honor on your birthday, and be there to lean on when times are tough.

We realize PCA was a chapter in your story, but we would like to be part of the rest of your story as well. Being a PCA Alumnus didn’t stop when you graduated; that was just the starting point. PCA has a renewed committed to alumni and we are asking you to join us as we walk through these next chapters together. Please give us your ideas for what you'd like to see as a PCA Alumnus, how we can serve you, and how we can involve you as a part of the PCA family.

We look forward to reconnecting soon!


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We would like to keep up with you and share significant milestones, achievements, honors, or awards with your classmates. Are you engaged to be married or have you recently married? Are you expecting a child or have you had a child recently? Use the form below to update your contact information or to fill us in on anything new in your life.