Important Dates for Secondary

Final Exam and AP Exam Schedule
Date Finals AP Exams
5/19 Math and Electives AP Psych - 1pm
5/20 English, Spanish, Latin AP English - 1pm
5/21 History AP World - 1pm and AP Macro Econ - 3pm

Remember, this Friday May 22nd, Secondary students will pick up school supplies and awards and drop off any remaining textbooks.  Please see below for your designated time to come to campus! Please let us know if you have any questions. 

Middle School
8:30-9:30am    6th Grade
9:30-10:30am  7th Grade
10:30-11:30am 8th Grade

High School
8:30-9:30am      9th Grade
9:30-10:30am  10th Grade
10:30-11:30am 11th Grade
11:30-12:30am 12th Grade  (Seniors - please be sure to turn in your laptops!)