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Giving to PCA » Fundraising Policy and Guidelines

Fundraising Policy and Guidelines

Adopted May 2016, updated September 2021

This policy outlines the purpose, structure, protocols and procedures for PCA’s fundraising activities.  A fundraising activity is defined as a fundraiser, a solicitation for, or receipt of a voluntary donation.

PCA Mission Statement

Equipping servant leaders to honor Christ and impact the world.


The mission and vision of PCA is the foundation for everything we do.  Therefore, it is the desire of all of us to strengthen our ministry as a private Christian school with all of our efforts in fundraising.  The cost to educate a student goes beyond tuition.  Our desire is to give our students a well-rounded education in academics, the arts, athletics and many other activities.  We are committed to seeing they have the opportunity to grow spiritually as well as socially.  The operating budget funds all activities and events.  Fundraising proceeds are above what tuition and the budget do not cover.  In an effort to be sensitive to our families, only a select number of fundraising requests will be approved.


We are excited about your fundraising event!  Before you get started, there are requirements that must be met prior to scheduling the fundraising activity/event.

All individuals, groups, staff members or organizations that wish to undertake a fundraising project or solicit funds in the name of, or on behalf of Pantego Christian Academy, Inc. or any organization under the umbrella of PCA’s 501(c)(3) must complete the following approval process.  Failure to follow this process will result in the activity/event not being approved.

Required participation in fundraisers is not permitted.

Individual credit for fundraising is not permitted.   When individuals are given credit for fundraising it is considered income to those individuals.  For example, individual(s) sell items so that they receive credit toward a fee or price.  Because PCA is a non-profit organization this is not allowed.  We encourage group participation to avoid methods where individuals are given credit for their participation.  Money raised must benefit the entire group.

Soliciting for personal mission trips with your church or any other personal needs should not use PCA resources to ask for donations for these purposes.


All fundraising requests for the upcoming school year should be submitted by June 1.   Requests can be submitted after that date with the understanding that the requests received by the deadline will be given priority consideration.  A request submitted after June 1 will still be considered but may not be approved due to the volume of requests.  After June 1, all submissions must be 6 weeks in advance.

Community partnerships where funds or in-kind goods are solicited from our PCA families to support individual needs or ministries must also receive approval.  However, the request will be given priority attention if the request is time sensitive (i.e., disaster response projects).

Non-solicited donations and/or in-kind gifts received for all programs or organizations must be communicated within one week of receipt to the Development Department.  The Director of Advancement will notify the appropriate administrator regarding the gift.

No contracts may be signed on behalf of PCA without co-signature of a member of the school’s administration.

Approval Process

Use the Fundraising Approval Form to submit all fundraising project and/or event requests and parent solicitations (including in-kind gifts) at least 6 weeks in advance of your activity/event.

Once the Form has been submitted to the appropriate administrator, if approved, it will be forwarded to the Director of Advancement for final approval.  You will be notified within 10 days whether the fundraiser has been approved.

All requests submitted to the Development Department will receive a response by email within ten (10) business days.

Email approval must be received before any calendaring, volunteer recruiting or communication with potential donors or third parties is initiated.

Once final approval is received from the Development Department, the organization making the request should complete a facilities/maintenance request (if applicable) through the PCA website.

Facilities Request

Facilities Request found on the school’s website should be turned in ten (10) business days prior to your activity/event.

The organization representative should keep the development and facilities departments updated on any changes made to the approved activities/events.

Product Sales

In an attempt to avoid asking our students to sell various products, a maximum of one non-spirit item and a maximum of one spirit may be approved for each organization. 

All spirit wear apparel will be coordinated and sold through the PCA Athletic Booster Club and will need principal approval to be considered for Friday Spirit Dress.


All sponsorships solicitations must be approved by the Director of Advancement before businesses and/or individuals are approached for donations.

Funds and Expenditures Process

All funds requested by an organization prior to/or in preparation of a fundraising activity must be submitted and approved by a member of the administration at least 7 days in advance of when the funds/checks will be needed.

All cash, checks and credit card funds received from fundraising activities must be turned in to the PCA Business Office within two (2) business days after receiving the funds.

Requests for reimbursements for approved fundraising expenses are to be submitted to the PCA Business Office within thirty (30) days after completion of the fundraising activity.

Please remember to use the PCA Tax exempt form when making purchases.  No reimbursements will be issued for taxes paid.


Submit a Fundraiser Approval Request