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PCA M5 Awards

The M5 Award is given to students periodically who have been nominated by faculty members who witness students exemplifying Christian character in specific areas of obedience, respect, honesty and diligence. The following students have shown us the love of Christ by doing what Jesus said was important, otherwise known as the beatitudes in Matthew 5. We are so thankful for these great students.

2017 Round 6 M5 Winners

Congratulations to our 6th round M5 Winners! Pictured L to R: Ian Kelley, Austin Chick, Sarah Flint, Peri Zachmeyer, Mia Cooley, Katie Garrett, and Robby Terry

Katie Garrett
(6th grade)

Nominated by Holly Chandler: "Katie is an amazing young lady. She is intelligent and works so hard in all she does. She prepares for her classes and has such a great attitude. God has amazing things planned for Katie. I'm so thankful for her and can't wait to see all she accomplishes in her bright future!"

Mia Cooley
(7th grade)

Nominated by Dianna Arguelles: "This student is a most excellent student in every way. She is eager to learn and completes her work with perfection. Conscientious and concerned, she cares about the quality of the work she turns in. She has never been anything less than perfectly respectful and obedient. She is harder on herself than anyone else could be, yet readily forgives those around her for the mistakes we make. Her heart is huge and her love for the Lord is evident as the foundation for the choices she makes. She makes my job as an educator joyful."

Peri Zachmeyer
(8th grade)

Nominated by Lane Rhodes: "Peri exemplifies 'loving your neighbor as yourself.' There are too many examples to list all the ways she helps fellow students. From giving excellent advice, to a genuine concern for others, to being the first one to lend a hand--everything is done out of a desire to help and not for personal gain. Her classmates often don't notice all she does. What an asset to her class!"

Robby Terry
(9th grade)

Nominated by Daniel David: "Robby trusted Christ as his Savior last fall at retreat. The change was slow but I have noticed a real transformation in his heart and character this semester. He has a warm smile and an engaged and eager attitude in Bible class. He began sitting with his classmate, Vinh, to assist him with reading the Bible and understanding the coursework. Since that time, both of them have noticeably improved in their biblical comprehension. Robby is already producing good fruit in his walk with Christ.

Ian Kelly
(10th grade)

Nominated by Robin McPhail: "This student has such a servant's heart. Every single day upon leaving my classroom, he looks around the room to make sure that everyone has pushed in their chairs and picked up their trash. If they have not, he does it for them. Also, there has not been one day that this student has not left my classroom without saying, 'Have a great day Mrs. McPhail.'"

Austin Chick
(11th grade)

Nominated by Katie Hargrave: "This student always has a smile on his face and is always kind and positive. He puts forth the effort in his classes and extracurricular activities. I have noticed he always speaks respectfully when he's talking about his parents, teachers, or peers. He is also crazy passionate about motorcross, and works hard to be the best he can be!"

Sarah Flint
(12th grade)

Nominated by Dianna Arguelles: "This student is - by a large margin - the MOST attentive student I have. She consistently asks good questions, turns her work in BEFORE it is due, and follows up when she has difficulty with something. She participates in classroom discussions with valuable insights and is just an excellent student all around. She is such a delight to teach and a welcome addition to my classroom. I look forward to seeing her every day."

March 2017 PCA Middle School M5 Award Recipients

Congratulations to our 5th round Middle School M5 winners!  Pictured: Brielle Wood, Natalie Bohan, and Ethan Weertman.

March 2017 PCA High School M5 Award Recipients

Congratulations to our 5th round High School M5 winners!  Pictured: Jacob Frederick, Peyton Todd, Starr Harrison. Not pictured: Alli Joyce.

Brielle Wood
(6th grade)

Nominated by Amy Shortes: "Brielle always has a positive attitude. I never hear her complain. She always gives her best in class and is helpful to other students. Brielle is very polite and is a positive role model to others. Her sweet spirit is a true joy!"

Natalie Bohan
(7th grade)

Nominated by Amy Shortes: "Natalie is a great role model to her peers. She is very diligent in class and strives to give her best in all that she does. She is always smiling! Natalie has done a wonderful job of balancing sports and cheer. She always came prepared for games and pep rallies."

Ethan Weertman
(8th grade)

Nominated by Mary Lou Price: "Ethan is consistently cheerful. He is always willing to offer prayer in class and shows care for those in need of prayer and concern for what is right. He is respectful and pleasant. He works very diligently on his school work working for full comprehension of the material and consistently strives to improve his understanding and work. He is a delightful presence in the classroom. "

Alli Joyce
(9th grade)

Nominated by Karen Graham: "Alli never fails to brighten my day. She comes to class with a smile on her face and a big, beautiful heart ready to share with others. She is eager and ready to learn new things, always with an enthusiastic attitude."

Jacob Frederick
(10th grade)

Nominated by Dianna Arguelles: "I have known Jacob for many years, and he never fails to impress me. He is consistently positive. His ready smile and quick wit are a gift. He radiates honesty and integrity and his character is above reproach. He works diligently, treating those around him with honor. He is not only brilliant, but also kind, dependable, and genuine. He carries the Light of Christ with him wherever he goes.."

Peyton Todd
(11th grade)

Nominated by Yoselin Lambert: "Peyton is an excellent student. She has shown me the love of Christ, by telling she's proud of me, giving me grace even though I am a new teacher. She always does her best and demonstrates kindness and humility on a daily basis."

Starr Harrison
(12th grade)

Nominated by Dianna Arguelles: "She is one of the sweetest people I know. She exhibits the heart of Christ in her love for others and genuine compassion. Christ is the compass for her life and you can see her daily living this out. She puts everyone's needs before her own, often asking for prayer for her friends and acquaintances before asking for prayer for herself. I look forward to seeing her every day."

M5 Award Recipients

Congratulations to our 5th round of M5 winners!  Pictured: Front Row: Levi Weertman, Patrick Neville, Evan Holguin; Back Row: Peipei Wu, Abi Jenkins, Eric Lin. Not pictured: Libby Stipp-Puffer.

Levi Weertman
(6th grade)

Nominated by Peggy Frady: "This student has been diligent to learn and obey the rules of my classroom.  He is respectful and always cooperative, but what I enjoy most about this boy is his joy: he never stops smiling.  It is a pleasure to teach him."

Patrick Neville
(7th grade)

Nominated by Jennifer Del Rio: "This student selflessly takes another student's backpack to class for him everyday without fail and never complains. He always has a great attitude and I consistently witness Patrick putting other's needs in front of his own."

Nominated by Dianna Arguelles: "I have seen this young man put everyone before himself. He quietly and respectfully does what is expected of him, oftentimes getting things for others before he takes care of his own needs. I watch him every day help a fellow student get settled into class and clean up when his group leaves. He is such a delight to have in class with his gentle heart and kind spirit."

Evan Holguin
(8th grade)

Nominated by Jill Sapp: "This student consistently treats others with respect.  He has impeccable manners, always noticing others' needs and putting them ahead of his own. He is helpful and polite and is one of the first to hold a door or to lend a hand to both teachers and students. He is also quick to apologize and make amends, which I believe is a clear mark of both integrity and maturity. "

Libby Stipp-Puffer
(9th grade)

Nominated by Mary Lou Price: This student is consistently cheerful and always has a pleasant attitude.  She is always respectful and kind and lights up the room with her smile.  She is diligent with her school work and is always striving for her best. She makes no excuses but instead seeks help when needed."

Peipei Wu
(10th grade)

Nominated by Katie Hargrave: "This young lady always has a smile and a gentle spirit wherever she goes. She is a hard worker and quietly blesses the people around her. I am always blessed by her respect, cooperation, and obedience. She doesn't do the right thing to get noticed, but she simply does the right thing because it's in her heart. She brings happiness and joy wherever she goes! Even though she has only been in the U.S. for less than two years, she fits right in and is a great friend to everyone around her. I can tell that God gives her strength and kindness wherever she goes."

Abi Jenkins
(11th grade)

Nominated by Daniel Davie: "'Blessed are the poor in spirit...' Being 'poor in spirit' means to be humble before God and man and to place others before yourself. This student embodies this aspect of Christ-like character as she demonstrates humility in class and compassion for the lost people in other religions. She cares for "the least of these" as she works in the church nursery. In the fall, she demonstrated compassion for a dying child she only knew through a distant connection by a commitment to pray for his life and his family's emotional pain."

Eric Lin
(12th grade)

Nominated by Karen Graham: "This young man comes into class everyday with a joyful attitude and a smile on his face.  He is the only senior in a class full of freshmen and has always treated each of them with utmost respect, exemplifying what it means to be a servant-leader.  I love the creative spin, diligence, and effort he puts into all of his projects, working with excellence in all he does."


M5 Middle School Winners

Congratulations to our 4th round Middle School M5 winners!  Pictured: Carmen Williams, Katy Porter, and Griffith Orlie

PCA M5 High School Winners

Congratulations to our 4th round High School M5 winners! Pictured: Hannah Porter, Anderson Rhodes, Emma Autrey, and Nick Vossen.

Griffith Orlie
(6th grade)

Nominated by Marissa Priddy: "He is respectful to teachers and kind to other students. When asked to do something in class, he always does it without questioning or arguing. He has good manners, comes to class prepared, and he makes it a point to accept and include others."

Carmen Williams
(7th grade)

Nominated by Dianna Arguelles: "Carmen works hard every day. Her honesty and diligence are a joy to have in the classroom. She is respectful and kind; her smile lights up the room. Her sweet spirit and gentle heart are living examples of the graciousness and goodness of God. I am blessed to have her as my student this year."

Katy Porter
(8th grade)

Nominated by Amy Shortes: "Katy does everything with joy!  She comes in everyday with a smile.  She is a humble leader and makes others feel important.  Katy is always to help others and make sure they understand what we are doing in cheer.  She accomplishes all that I ask of her.  She is very giving to others and definitely has a servant's heart."

Nominated by Jill Sapp: "Katy is a servant to her peers and to younger students, but she does so with such an unassuming manner, never calling attention to herself. I love to see how she reaches out to younger students. Her cheerful, agreeable spirit stands out in my classroom through her attentiveness and diligence. But most of all I love to witness Katy's love for the Lord which is evident in her interactions in class disccussion in Bible and her interest in honoring Him with her choices, words and deeds."

Emma Autrey
9th grade)

Nominated by Karen Graham: "I would like to nominate Emma Autrey for the M5 Award.  Emma enters class every day with a smile on her face, enthusiastic, and eager to get started. She is diligent in her work, creative, and goes the extra mile to complete her artwork with excellence.  She is quick to help when others need it, including cleanup at the end of class.  She is a joy to have in class."

Anderson Rhodes
10th grade)

Nominated by Katie Hargrave: "This student works hard in my class and shows a lot of respect. He has shown diligence by being involved and excelling in several sports, in his classes, and in band. I admire his hard work and dedication to every task he puts his hand to. I also appreciate his leadership and participation in my class."

Hannah Porter
11th grade)

Nominated by Karen Graham: "Hannah is a joy to have in class.  She has a sweet, gentle spirit, positive attitude, and does everything with excellence.  She works diligently and creatively every day, going beyond what has been asked."

Nick Vossen
12th grade)

Nominated by Dianna Arguelles: "Nick comes into class every day with a smile and a word of encouragement. He remains cheerfully positive, shining the Light of Christ with sincerity. I have never heard him complain. He carries joy with him as a natural extension of his love for the Lord. I am so very proud of the Godly young man he has become."



PCA M5 Award Winners

Congratulations to our 3rd round of M5 winners! Pictured back row: Bryce Wood, Justin Joyce, Abbi Turner, Austin Tooley; front row: Rachel Lava, Beka Kosta, Izzy Alexander.

Beka Kosta
(6th grade)
Nominated by Amy Shortes: "Beka always has a smile on her face. She does everything with excellence and is very diligent in her work. Beka leads by example and is very positive with her classmates. She gives her best and never complains."
Rachel Lava
7th grade)
Nominated by Sam Condo: "On days that the chairs are stacked on the tables, she puts them down without being asked, and she does all the chairs, not just her row. Her smile is disarming, and she is not afraid to let Christ shine in her life all over this campus."
Bryce Wood
(8th grade)

Nominated by Ivan Martinez: "I have yet to see this student without a smile on their face. I have seen first hand this student go out of their way to make people feel welcome, such as introduce themselves to new students and sit with students at lunch that he saw by themselves. He is always ready to participate in class, exemplifies christian character everyday, and has been a great leader in the classroom and athletics."

Nominated by Jill Sapp: "This student is respectful, kind and sincere in his interactions with both teachers and peers. He is a willing and eager participant in my Bible class, offering helpful insight, but graciously respecting the views of others. He has persevered with a positive attitude despite a challenging injury, surgery, and recovery this fall. I always know I can count on him to do the right thing, say the kind thing and be an example to others around him. He's just such a GREAT kid!"

Izzy Alexander
(9th grade)
Nominated by Mary Lou Price: "I would like to nominate freshman Izzy Alexander for the M5 award. She is a student who works diligently in the classroom and in her own study time. She is always willing to put forth the needed effort. She is never without a kind word for a discouraged person and often goes out of her way to say a kind word to those she sees needs it. She is consistently humble and gracious."
Justin Joyce
(10th grade)
Nominated by Katie Hargrave: "This young man is incredibly kind to everyone around him. He is genuinely humble, and a joy to be around. His smile makes everyone feel welcome to be his friend, and he is accepting of everyone. He is always kind and respectful to the adults in his life. He has shown strength of character in many ways, he works hard, and he is a joy to have in class."
Austin Tooley
(11th grade)
Nominated by Katie Bowman: "'Blessed are those who are pure in heart for they shall see God' v. 8
I receive countless emails requesting schedule changes, GPAs, transcripts and meetings but this student exemplified Matthew 5:8 with a pure, simple, sweet and respectful email with a salutation, requesting to meet but also followed proper email communication etiquette. At the end he signed 'Thank you, Austin Tooley'. No Austin Tooley, thank you for your kindness and courtesy in that e-mail and in your lifestyle on our campus."
Abbi Turner
(12th grade)
Nominated by Liz Palagi: "I have never had this student in one of my classes, but I have seen her in the hallways, around campus and at school events. I rarely see her without a smile on her face, and she is not afraid to make eye contact as she greets other students - and me, who she doesn't know very well. One morning during Homecoming Spirit Week, when a middle school student was carrying several grocery sacks of canned goods, one of the sacks broke, sending cans rolling in several directions. This student was walking through the front door of the High School at that moment, and she stopped to help the other student collect all of the cans and put them all together in the usable sack. It was not beneath her to get down on her knees to lend a helping hand. It's not often we are willing to stop in our tracks and help someone, and this demonstration of humility and servanthood really struck me."



PCA M5 Awards

Congratulations to our 2nd round of M5 winners! Pictured top row: Amaya Eke, Noah Vossen, Sarah Hanson, Nia Hixson; bottom row: Sosha Weigand, Melvin Onyango, Tanner Marshall

Melvin Onyango
(6th grade)
Nominated by Liz Birdwell: "Melvin is a very sweet, kind boy. He always comes to school with a smile and has a pleasant demeanor. He always puts his best foot forward. He is kind to others and his words build up his classmates. Melvin is a peacemaker and wants others to get along just as he does with them. "
Shosha Weigand
(7th grade)
Nominated by Tracy Clapp: "Shosha is one of the hardest working students I know. I appreciate how independent she works to try to solve problems and how she takes charge of her own education. She's confident to come to her teachers with any questions she may have. She almost always has a smile on her face and eager to help those around her. Her work ethic brings glory to God."
Amaya Eke
(8th grade)
Nominated by Peggy Frady: "During this first quarter I have observed Amaya's quick responses to obey, her always honest answers, and her efforts to give her best work, but what I have been most impressed with is her tender heart, which helps her to be respectful of her classmates' feelings. Because Amaya feels deeply, she has the ability to empathize with those around her, or as Galatians 6:2 says, to bear another's burdens. I am looking forward to watching this part of Amaya's character develop further as this school year progresses."
Noah Vossen
(9th grade)
Nominated by Sam Condo: "Noah always comes into the room smiling. He ask questions about Scripture and how it integrates into science. Also, he does a pretty good imitation of me teaching."
Sarah Hanson
(10th grade)
Nominated by Mike Dunbar: "Sarah has consistently, ever since I have known her, lived up to the highest standards of obedience, respect, honesty, and diligence. Though I know her most in the classroom, I know that I am not the only one that has seen her excel in these areas. On the court, field, as well as the track, she has stood out from her peers as she is always willing to be taught and cooperate with the teacher or coach. She thoroughly deserves this award!"
Nia Hixson
(11th grade)
Nominated by Yoselin Lambert: "She works very hard in my Spanish class. She models Christ by not complaining and being a good example for class. She always has a good attitude and volunteers to pray for class all the time."
Tanner Marshall
(12th grade)
Nominated by Jennifer Del Rio: "Tanner's overall character exemplifies Christ. Specifically, he is above reproach and has been honest in telling me about what was done last year with Cyber Patriots. He has been extremely helpful and diligent."



PCA M5 Winners

Congratulations to our first M5 winners of the year!  Way to go Caroline Ferrell, Mitchell Holmes, Kati Jo Turner, Greg Hill, Julian Hernandez, Grace Yerby, and Chris McElroy! 

Mitchell Holmes
6th grade)
Nominated by Tracy Clapp: "I appreciate how hard this young man has worked to adjust to 6th grade.  He has been prepared to start class every day by being in his seat, materials out, and ready.  I have heard him remind and help others when they didn't know what to do.  He actively listens to instructions and works diligently to complete any task given to him.  He's friendly and helpful to others in need. I love how respectly he responds with a yes ma'm or no ma'm--A gentleman in all he does."
Chris McElroy
(7th grade)
Nominated by Lane Rhodes: "Chris has incredible respect for others.  He is always helping to carry another student's belongings without being asked. He is returning items left in the classroom to others and always with a joyful spirit.  Every act of service is done out of kindness and not because he wants recognition.  It is such a joy to witness him serving others!"
Grace Yerby
(8th grade)
Nominated by Jennifer Del Rio: "Grace is consistently looking out for others and making sure they have all that they need. She also give 100% in her school work. I see Christ in Grace on a daily basis. She is prayerful and not ashamed to share the gospel. Grace is who comes to mind when I think about our chapel theme: Explore, Experience, Exclaim."
Kati Jo Turner
(9th grade)
Nominated by Melissa Parsinen: "Kati Jo is consistently kind, obedient, thoughtful, and very respectful. She is an outstanding example of how a PCA student should conduct themself on our campus."
Julian Hernandez
(10th grade)
Nominated by Katie Hargrave: "Julian is always engaged in class. He is kind and respectful to the students around him, and to me. The other day Julian took a lot of initiative in class and stepped up and led his peers. He is a leader not just because of his willingness to step up, but also because of his genuinely kind and humble heart. "
Greg Hill
(11th grade)
Nominated by Mike Dunbar: "As any teacher or coach who has had him would know, Greg is committed to maximizing his chances to be equipped to impact the world at large and our world here at PCA.  For example, the other day I saw Greg walking to class and go out of his way to pick up some trash that another student had left behind in the parking lot.  This, to me, exemplifies honoring Christ."
Caroline Ferrell
(12th grade)
Nominated by Dianna Arguelles: "Caroline is not only always ready to work, she is also eager. When given a task, she follows it through to the end, completing it with excellence. Caroline is enthusiastic to learn new things. It is this cooperative and teachable spirit coupled with her sincere and honest heart that makes her such an endearing young woman."


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