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From Re-Enrollment to Continuous Enrollment: Set it and Forget It!

The majority of PCA students return to PCA every year. We have tried to simplify the Re-Enrollment process for our current families, but found that it still placed a burden of having to complete the process year after year. We asked ourselves, why are we requiring our families to tell us they are remaining at PCA? Of course they are! Therefore, we wanted to make things even easier for PCA families and reward such great school loyalty. That is what led to this year’s launch of Continuous Enrollment.

Why does Re-enrollment matter? And why did we go through this every year?

Every year, the leadership at PCA spends a lot of time planning, to ensure that we are prepared to fulfill our mission. However, until families sign their annual agreement, we can’t make solid plans for ordering materials and curriculum, staffing, program offerings, and facility usage. We take the stewardship of tuition dollars very seriously and want to invest these tuition dollars wisely and serve our students in the best ways possible.

I have no plans to change schools - and most students come back every year anyway. Can’t I just stay at PCA until I notify the school otherwise?

Many parents have asked this question! Up until this point, re-enrollment has been an “opt-in” type of program. But by signing your Continuous Enrollment Agreement, this year, you will be able to tell PCA that you plan to remain at PCA. Rather than an opt-IN annual re-enrollment process, PCA's annual re-enrollment will now become an opt-OUT process. In other words, if you are coming back after signing your Continuous Enrollment Agreement, you will never have to worry about this process again. If God leads your family in a different direction, you can opt-OUT of PCA enrollment by March 1 (each year), with no penalty.

How is the Re-enrollment changing?

The typical re-enrollment season usually kicks off with our annual Momentum event in January, and runs through February. During this time, current families would have signed a new agreement, paid the registration fee, and set up payment arrangements. This was the process to lock in the priority tuition and guarantee their child’s placement for the following school year.

The 2018-2019 enrollment season will still kick off with Momentum. And you will receive communication from the Registrar’s with the new tuition rates and important dates regarding Continuous Enrollment. On March 5, your registration fee will be drafted, thus locking in your tuition rate and guaranteeing your child’s seat at PCA.

What’s the penalty if I break the Continuous Enrollment Agreement?

If a parent/guardian provides written notification of the student(s) not returning, to the Registrar’s office prior to March 1, no registration fee or installment of tuition payment will be charged. If a parent/guardian provides written notification to the Registrar’s office after March 1 but prior to May 1, the parent/guardian shall be released from any future monthly tuition payments but will forfeit any registration fees and monthly tuition payments already made. If annual or semi-annual payments have been made, the parent/guardian is liable for 10% of the full year’s tuition, in addition to the registration fee. After May 1, the parent/guardian is responsible for the entire year’s tuition.

Why I am still charged a registration fee?

The registration fee is still collected to cover the Academy’s cost of administering the entire enrollment process (e.g. schedules, account management, account fees, etc.).

What do I get out of this agreement?

Simplicity!  With increasing enrollment, this guarantees placement at PCA.

Once you sign your Continuous Enrollment Agreement, it will renew, automatically, every year on March 1. We look forward to serving PCA families in this way and taking one more item off of your “to-do” list!

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