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Lunch by Star Catering Cafe

Star Catering and Vending

Pantego Christian Academy School Year 2023-2024

  • Delicious:  We are committed to ensuring that all our students are satisfied with the quality, quantity, and taste of our foods.
  • Negotiable:  We are committed to working with our students to ensure that our prices stay within affordable rates.
  • Experienced:  We are committed to ensuring that our students have the best experience and quality of staff.
  • On Time:  We are committed to ensuring that all our student event foods and related services are delivered on time.

The mission of Star Catering is to increase student success by providing and promoting a nutritionally balanced meal in a kid-friendly environment.

Star Catering Cafe team works together to develop healthy and appetizing meals for the students, by incorporating ideas from students and parents.  Our foods are made fresh daily. We will be attending the Back to School night and will have samples of some of our delicious food.

Choices and variety are important to students, so our menu is planned to provide options.  A lunch is made up of 5 basic food components: Milk, Meat, Vegetable, Fruit, and Grain.  Students must select all five components for a complete meal.

We are sensitive to the various nutritional needs of our students.  If your child has an allergy to any food, please contact your school nurse.

Lunches are available for Pre-K through 12th grade. Star Catering Café uses the EZ School APPS for lunch ordering and accounting.  The ordering and payment process will stay the same through EZ School, but EVERYONE will need to SET UP A NEW ACCOUNT.  Accounts will not be rolled over from last school year.

In an effort to ensure each student receives the food they desire, it will be required for you to pre-order your student’s lunch. Your pre-order will be due by 6pm each Friday prior to the week of meals. For example, order by 6pm on Friday, September 15th for menu options for the week of Monday, September 18th. If your student does not pre-order or bring a lunch, a simple sandwich will be available for purchase.

Instructions can be found below.

We strongly recommend preordering meals for a month at a time to ensure your student receives the food they prefer and to minimize payment processing fees.

If you have any questions or need to cancel a lunch, please contact Star Catering directly at [email protected] or call us at (469) 658-1441.